Leeds Ahead

BUILDING Business and community partnerships

Community Sponsors was proud to be involved in building the foundations of Leeds Ahead 
 (now the
Ahead Partnership). 

This is a visionary organisation that has helped to transform the lives of people who had not benefited from the growth in affluence within Leeds, London, Teeside, and Birmingham. 

Leeds Ahead acted as a conduit to provide businesses of all sizes, and their voluntary staff, with a single, easy point of access to a wide range of community -focused project across  Leeds city. 48 separate businesses supplied 560 volunteers, donating 3,390 hours of time to support 30 schools and 3,537 pupils and staff.

The total value of support donated by the private sector over 6 months was valued at over £110,000.

Our Charity Projects

Abode Impact

Transforming the wheelchair accessible housing market

Roundhouse Theatre

Bringing young people closer to the arts

Skui Village, Ladakh

Supporting communities hit by disaster