Abode Impact

Tackling private housing inequality in the UK
with commercial solutions

Abode Impact is incubated by Mill Group and majority owned for the benefit of Community Sponsors Charity.
The organisation is tackling private housing inequality in the UK with impact investment, with a focus on providing wheelchair accessible housing for private rent.
There is an acute lack of wheelchair accessible homes in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) to meet demand. Abode Impact’s research shows that 4 in 5 of those surveyed currently live in a home that does not fully meet their needs as a wheelchair user. 91% had experienced barriers to renting in the PRS. 

They aim to tackle this by launching an accessible housing fund for London to enable them to purchase and rent new build wheelchair accessible homes. 

By providing these homes, Abode Impact can help wheelchair users and their families vastly improve their lives – creating greater independence and quality of life.

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