Community Sponsors Homes

transforming the wheelchair accessible housing market

Community Sponsors is working in partnership with Community Sponsors Homes - the first initiative set up to provide wheelchair accessible homes for rent in the UK. 
Wheelchair users have a tough time when it comes to housing. There are not enough accessbile homes to meet demand in the UK. Living in unsuitable accommodation has an overwhelming negative impact on the lives of wheelchair users and their families. If wheelchair users could have the opportunity to live in a home where they can move around freely, they could have better financial, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Community Sponsors Homes will provide 300+ wheelchair accessible homes for rent in the UK. This will pioneer an innovative but essential solution to an unserved soial group in the housing market.

By providing accessible homes, we can help wheelchair users and their families vastly improve their lives - creating greater independence and quality of life.

Community Sponsors Homes is currently fundraising to contribute to working capital and research and development to make this inititative happen.

Help us to help wheelchair users find a place called home.

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